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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our miniature goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association.  Nigerian Dwarves need less space than other breeds of goats while being super friendly and playful.

Call or Text: 304-989-0478


Nigerian Dwarf goats are sweet, playful, and lovable. There is a wide variety of color combinations.  The bucks stand no more than 23" at the wither, the does are no more than 21".  They weigh around 75 lbs.  They are a great size for small farms and pets.  They do great with children!

On the farm, they make a great little milk goat.  They can produce up to 2 quarts of milk a day, sometimes more.  Their milk is higher in protein and butterfat than most other dairy goats, which gives a sweeter milk.  You can enjoy their milk or make ice cream, cheese, soap, lotion, or many other products.

Our Kids

Our kids are born around April each year.  We provide the paperwork so that you can register them with ADGA.  When they leave the farm, they will be up to date on their CD/T shots.  They will also be tattooed and disbudded.  We ensure the goat is healthy and in good condition when they leave our farm.  We can make no guarantees after they leave the farm, as we can not control the conditions of the environment that they will be in.

We ask that you research the breed and have adequate fencing.  There are some great Facebook groups that you can join to get more familiar with the breed.  Goats love being with other goats, they are herd animals and need a companion. We ask that if you do not already have goats, that you buy a pair so they will have a friend to play with.  

I am happy to answer any questions that you have and will help you as much as I am able!

Pre-Reservations & Waiting List

I have listed my breeding male/female pairs below.  If you would like to make a reservation for an upcoming birth between a pair of goats, there is a nonrefundable $100/reservation deposit. You will have first pick of any goats that are born between that couple, or you can move your reservation to another kid (as long as I do not have a current reservation with that buck/doe combo).


First choice always goes to our reservation list.  However, you can request to be added to our waiting list at any time and we will notify you if we have any available does/bucks.  The waiting list is first come, first serve.  To be added to my list, please call or text 304-989-0478 or you can email me at

Reservations & Pricing

Once you have picked out a goat (or goats), there is a $200 nonrefundable deposit ($75 for wethers) for each goat.  (If you chose to have first pick of any pairing and have already paid the $100 reservation, then it will only be $100 nonrefundable deposit.)  Our goats will be available in 8 weeks for pickup.  

Pricing ranges between $400-600 for does and breeding bucks.  Prices will be listed under pictures of the kids.  Wethers are $200, we have a separate waiting list for wethers.


Traveling is stressful for animals, we recommend having your animal(s) checked by a licensed veterinarian within a week of travel.  Some states require special certificates, health inspections, or paperwork completed.  You will be required to pay those fees, if any, to meet your state requirements.


We hope that you will be able to visit us and pick up your kid.  West Virginia has beautiful scenery and there are many activities available in our area.  We are within thirty minutes of the newest national park, New River Gorge National Park.  You can go hiking, see a waterfall, or if you are the adventurous type, take a rafting trip!  We can offer suggestions to visit the area while you pick up your new goat.

For those that can not make the trip, we offer deliveries to most of the east coast.  We charge a delivery fee to cover our fuel to your location.  We also offer other delivery options as well, so please contact us if you would like to have your kid(s) delivered and I will give you a price quote to your location.

2023 Pairings

Paired with our Buck - Honey Sweetie Acres Jasper Sky:

   Rivers Rest M Desert Rose

   Almost Paradise Juno

   Almost Paradise Alaska

   Wings & Caprines Ivy Wind

Paired with our Buck - Hope Valley Goats Japeth:

   Wings & Caprines Prairie Fern

   Rivers Rest T Cordelia Biddle  

Our Does

Wings and Caprines 
Prairie Fern

Almost Paradise

Almost Paradise 

Rivers Rest M
Desert Rose

Wings and Caprines 
Ivy Wind

Rivers Rest T
Cordelia Biddle

Almost Paradise 


Our Bucks

Honey Sweetie Acres
Jasper Sky


Hope Valley Goats 


Text or call us at (304) 989-0478 or send an email to - we'd love to answer any questions you might have!

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